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Missing you

Posted in Uncategorized on August 29, 2010 by Blood Red

I love that a song echoing in my head at night
brings back the way you smell
and jolts my memory of your precious sight

I miss the way you look and feel
the way you breath and talk
for that is how my soul is healed

How I long to see you again
to touch your skin and feel your body
but only one thought remains:

you are not mine, nor am I supposed to be yours
one simple fact that keeps me broken
though you hold my heart, you are not mine to adore.



Another Glance

Posted in Uncategorized on August 4, 2010 by Blood Red

I took another glance in the Looking Glass
this hot, humid summer night;
I cringe at the reflection I see
in the silver moon’s light.

Every once in a while I see
that I am not the friend I want to be;
only that I remain in one’s head
as a wraith, a banshee, an eternal enemy.

That is when I remember this truth:
that the worst pain comes not from a fresh cut,
but rather the old scars ripped apart
and stitches yanked out of my heart.

Alas, this is the way life goes
and nothing is ever easy or fair;
life can be full of pain and woe,
This is how we grow and learn to care.

Black Hole Abyss

Posted in Poetry of Life, Uncategorized on November 9, 2009 by Blood Red

I sit in the dark that you have coldly banished me to.
I wait for some sign of the light that used to shine in your eyes.
I sense the damp air on my skin from your poisoned dew.
I embrace the lonely night as it surrounds me with my demise.

I watch the stars begin to fall into a black hole abyss.
I despair as your face slips from my memory’s hold.
I feel my chest sink with a breaking heart for there is no bliss.
I need to remember you to heal that part of my broken soul.

I try in vain to remember your touch, your look, your voice.
I search the deepest of my being to pull forth your essence.
I damn the sorrowed day in which I made my choice.
I know that to you I’m now in complete obsolescence.

I meditate carefully on your gentle caress.
I hope to taste once again your sweet kiss.
I can now remember your warm embrace.
I reach skyward to the empty sky and the black hole abyss.

The Gateway to Hell

Posted in Uncategorized on May 15, 2009 by Blood Red

We were all standing on the banks of the River of Immortality.  It was the strangest and most beautiful River I’d ever seen!  It flowed in two directions – upstream would take you to Heaven.  When one looked in that direction, beautiful willow trees leaned over the River, providing a sweet smelling veil as one traveled in their boat toward eternal Love.  The light cast from that side of the River was bright and white but never blinding.  A surreal sense of Peace and Calm pervaded over that part of the River.

However, a short ways downstream was the Waterfall to Hell.  It was the edge of the world and that side of the River was filled with hard, lifeless rock and stinking sulfur, hiding the stench of dead and burning flesh!  It was dark with only a faint cast of an orange glow and screams could be heard over the sound of the thunderous Waterfall.

Satan sat lowly beside our Father, just waiting to grab who it could so that it could cast them over the Waterfall and into the Gateway to Hell…

One by one, I watched those I loved being showed into the Boats toward Heaven, breathing a sigh of relief each time.  A heavenly seraph went to grab my hand but I saw Satan make a move toward you before it was your turn.  I pulled away and demanded it take me and not  you.  Without another word I ran toward the edge of the world to jump over the Waterfall, but you had chased after me and grabbed my hand.  You wanted to know what I was doing and I told you I knew a secret.  I asked for your trust; you slowly nodded.  Hand in hand we both jumped…

What Satan didn’t realize as it laughed watching us jump over the edge, was that it had to cast souls over the Waterfall for them to fall into the Gateway.  If someone jumped themselves, then they flew away…

As the morning broke, I could hear the sirens wail and paramedics talking to a doctor over their radio….  I kept asking for my family and for you.  No one would answer me.  I was wheeled on the stretcher into an emergency semiprivate room and in a couple minutes you were brought to the ER bed next to me.  I looked at you and you looked over to me…

I remembered the River of Immortality. I remembered those that had departed toward Heaven.  And I remembered our jump, our leap of faith.  So here we are, to begin again…