The Silver Cup

I know where I am heading,
in the dark depths of the Abyss.
This is why I will be denying
the pleasure of your constant Bliss.

I will sip from your Silver Cup
when you offer it to me freely.
But I can  never drink in your Love
and accept your Embrace completely.

When I stare into the Reflecting Pool
I look beyond my tortured face.
I see  you glancing back at me – the fool.
I ache to reach for your Blessed Grace!

I see you before me,
I feel your skin,
I take in your scent,
I taste your lips,
I hear your Whispers in the Dark…

But then I remember my place
as I watch you walk away.
I struggle to remember your face
and the memories begin to fade.

I crave your sweet, titillating Wine
swishing in that Forbidden Silver Cup.
Forever taunting this broken soul of mine,
inspiring me to forever reach higher up.


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