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Missing you

Posted in Uncategorized on August 29, 2010 by Blood Red

I love that a song echoing in my head at night
brings back the way you smell
and jolts my memory of your precious sight

I miss the way you look and feel
the way you breath and talk
for that is how my soul is healed

How I long to see you again
to touch your skin and feel your body
but only one thought remains:

you are not mine, nor am I supposed to be yours
one simple fact that keeps me broken
though you hold my heart, you are not mine to adore.



so close but so far away

Posted in Poetry of Life on August 19, 2010 by Blood Red

once upon a time, not so long ago
I had a friend that I held so dear.
but now that time is gone and I am low,
I’ve ruined another friendship, I fear.

maybe time will heal and things will change
but why in the world would it be fixed
when I am always like a tiger in a cage
and my emotions create such a deadly mix.

once again, a once close friend
will hold me only at a distance
rather than risk it all in the end
and talk to me with only resistance.

I came so close, but am so far away
from keeping someone happy and content.
I stare in that damned looking glass in gray
and see the storm brewing again, I lament.

Why do I do this and keep up the hurt?
Why do I insist on trying day after day,
only to fuck it up again and revert?
Why do I always seem so close but so far away?

Another Glance

Posted in Uncategorized on August 4, 2010 by Blood Red

I took another glance in the Looking Glass
this hot, humid summer night;
I cringe at the reflection I see
in the silver moon’s light.

Every once in a while I see
that I am not the friend I want to be;
only that I remain in one’s head
as a wraith, a banshee, an eternal enemy.

That is when I remember this truth:
that the worst pain comes not from a fresh cut,
but rather the old scars ripped apart
and stitches yanked out of my heart.

Alas, this is the way life goes
and nothing is ever easy or fair;
life can be full of pain and woe,
This is how we grow and learn to care.