Black Hole Abyss

I sit in the dark that you have coldly banished me to.
I wait for some sign of the light that used to shine in your eyes.
I sense the damp air on my skin from your poisoned dew.
I embrace the lonely night as it surrounds me with my demise.

I watch the stars begin to fall into a black hole abyss.
I despair as your face slips from my memory’s hold.
I feel my chest sink with a breaking heart for there is no bliss.
I need to remember you to heal that part of my broken soul.

I try in vain to remember your touch, your look, your voice.
I search the deepest of my being to pull forth your essence.
I damn the sorrowed day in which I made my choice.
I know that to you I’m now in complete obsolescence.

I meditate carefully on your gentle caress.
I hope to taste once again your sweet kiss.
I can now remember your warm embrace.
I reach skyward to the empty sky and the black hole abyss.


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