I dreamed of you…

You came to me in a dream,
a dream I barely can recall
in the waking daylight scheme.

I can only just see your face
or remember where you came from
and why you came upon the case.

I remember your silhouette,
I remember your brilliant blue eyes and
the sunlight made that blue like fire set.

I remember your profile and your hair,
that same sun flame casting a silver glow
and my heart skipped in despair.

Whatever had occurred in this dream
I had not told you of how I truly felt
My heart paused for I was in love it seems.

I drew near your radiant presence
and you turned toward me.
You smiled and welcomed my approach.

I hold that look on your face
deep in my foggy memory
as the rest of the dream escapes.

I know we embraced and I confessed
that I was holding back from you.
You welcomed me and my heart.

I don’t remember what happened after
and I don’t remember what happened before
but I know I will remember you forevermore!

I don’t know who you are.
I don’t know where you are.
But I do know you are real.

Where ever you are,
my thoughts and prayers remain
that He keep you safe in His reign!


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