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Posted in Poetry of Life on June 18, 2009 by Blood Red

I’ve spent much time walking slowly,
through the littered land of Despair.
I kneel and pick through the mess
that litters the ground there.

I see all around me the crumpled papers
that contain the words of my existence.
Not many are happy this day in time;
the ink is smudged from tears of grievance.

I am tired and torn, broken and battered;
time has not healed or helped me at all.
I am dirty and hungry for something
but I continue to wander and crawl.

The breeze arises and dries my teary cheeks;
the clouds part and the sun shines upon me.
I feel warm and reach skyward for sustenance.
For a moment I have hope, cheer and am happy.

But before I can become filled with that light
the breeze dies and the clouds close tight.
I open my eyes to the dreary gray skies
and a distant roll of thunder booms and cries.

I put my arms back down by my side,
and begin to tread once again
through the ravaged wasteland that is me;
filled with despair and I just let it reign.



Posted in Poetry of Life on June 4, 2009 by Blood Red

Yes I know my duties, I know my place.
I wake each morning in absent grace.
I try to go through the daily routine,
only to realize deep within, my fiend.

My soul slips as I begin to despair.
I go through the motions, too aware,
that I walk as an empty shell
with no heart after I fell.

I try and I try and I try to no avail
to be the expected woman unveiled.
I stand by your side day and night
only to forsake the morning’s light.

Why I remain empty and cannot fill
is a question that remains unanswered still.
I have love, I have refuge, I have faith
-but somewhere in my soul is my eternal wraith.