Our Lovely Rosa

Rosa was born as a brazen rosebud;
born into the wintery, cold and dead.
With crystal blue eyes and golden hair
she was brought here to melt the ice and snow.

Full of promise and hope for change
she tried to bloom for those she loves.
Everyday she wakes and aims
to make them happier than the doves.

But as the seasons passed slowly by,
her innocence began to fall-
as the crackling and fallen leaves fly
to autumn’s cold ground’s embrace.

Those she loves and adores
fill her with fear and dread.
She is made suffer all the gore
that a sickly mind imagines in his head.

Just when she reaches up toward help,
she is still left alone, cold and hurt;
she feels ashamed and is made to think
that she is the one to blame.

She feels no other choice than to repeat
word for word what they want her to believe.
Deep inside her breaking heart and soul
is the truth buried in the blackest of coal.

She walks a fine line, and is on thin ice!
She lives her tortured life
filled with fear and made to hate;
made to balance on the double edge knife.

She is tossed back and forth and around
until she is dizzy and doesn’t know what’s real;
all she knows is that hate and struggle abound.
She is left alone to deal with what she feels.

It has fallen winter again in cold gusts,
she stands bare against the wind and snow.
She has to fend for herself at her tender age.
What her future holds is not something I know.

A rose in the winter shrivels and hides,
but rises again in the spring, fresh and anew.
This is my prayer I lift high to God
that our lovely Rosa’s Spring is near.


2 Responses to “Our Lovely Rosa”

  1. Blood Red Says:

    This poem may evolve… there is more to add – fear, shame, blame, etc, etc… but I can’t do it all at once… it’s a very heartbreaking situation and I’m helpless to intervene….

  2. Kassandra Says:

    sadly beautiful…

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