I find myself waiting and thinking,
of you and what you will say to me.
I cannot stop myself from dreaming
of what  someday may possibly be.

But I know this is will not be true
as I am the one who is restraining.
I must keep my mind out of muse
and remember what I’m doing.

I cannot help that you that remain
closely in my bleeding heart,
in between the stitches and scars
tickling and tempting that desire.

I still await for your call, response;
forever drawn to your soul.
You have me completely ensconced
and I do not wish to leave your fold.

You are my dream, my wish;
my out-of-reach forever pulling,
tugging and waxing and waning,
You are my blue obsession!


One Response to “Obsession”

  1. kristen Says:

    this sounds so familiar!!

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