The Dead of Night

Tonight I walk among the Lost
in the vast Wasteland of Insanity;
where there is the highest Cost
of surrendering your own Humanity!

I dwell in the Ruins of my own design,
forever to wander and roam alone.
There is a prize for me to find;
but never to be found by this wicked old crone!

My skin dries and cracks
-like the dry desert floor under my feet;
my eyes swell and the color fades
so that I am only a Statue of Deceit.

I await for the Rain of Life to fall upon me
and quench my Stagnant Grace;
not agnizing the Answer lies within
and that my Deliverance is my own embrace!

Therefore, I remain here in Oblivion,
not blind but with no sight-
and reach forever skyward to obtain
more than just the Dead of Night!


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