Hold you up

I give you all I have inside my soul
and still you ask for more.
If I had more, it would be yours
but I’m now left with an empty core.

I give and give and give
and now my precious blood runs dry
like the ever disappearing water
from a broken and destroyed dam.

The Tide seems to rise for us
but my little wooden boat
gains more holes than ground
and I struggle to keep us afloat.

I feel I live in Dark when I fail you
and I don’t know how or what to do
to keep lifting you up anew-
my strength anymore is little too few.

I’ve become your drug of choice
and you do not step without me;
you continue to drain me and my voice
and leave me with nothing for myself.

I yell, I scream and I cry-
to no avail and no relief.
I sit on my bed and sigh
and pray for strength and belief.

I pray that I continue to stand
and to continue to hold  you high;
I just don’t know how to arise
to hold you up and not cry.


One Response to “Hold you up”

  1. I think this one is my favorite…it sounds so familiar!

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