This Flawed Creature

(Nov 2008)

I stand before you a flawed creature.
I am not solid like rock,
but rather flow with the waves of the ocean.

I ride on the tide and ebb and flow of life
and struggle to keep my head afloat.
I know that I am faulted and imperfect.

But I do have something to offer, I think.
I have passion and love to give freely.
I have a desire for life and emotion like no other.

I am an artist, writer and poet.
I try to make this world a better place,
a place for strength and love and embrace.

I know I don’t always go about it right;
one of my many, many flaws;
and I only manage to push some away.

But for those that stay,
for those that love me anyway,
there is so much love and support I give.

I just wish I could accomplish my goals better,
I wish I wouldn’t push people away.
I’ve lost many because I guess I’m so willful.

Again, that is just one of my many defects.
I know I have many more.
I wish I could change for those that I’ve lost.


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