My Imperfect Love

(Nov 2008)

I have a heart full of love to give.
I give that love freely,
maybe even foolishly.

I know that my love is great,
but I also know that, like me,
my love is imperfect.

I know this because of those I’ve lost,
and of those that have stayed
and suffered no matter how hard I try.

Nothing I do is good enough
for anyone around me.
I try in vain to make them
happy and content in our lives.

I don’t know why I am the way I am.
I don’t know why I can’t be better.
I don’t know why my love can’t be perfect.

I had always hoped and even thought I found
someone that my love was perfect for,
but it is obvious that my love just isn’t good enough.

Just like me, my love is imperfect;
my love is not good enough.
My love is flawed and faulted, as am I.

I wish I could change but I fear
that I am destined to live in the dark and ash.
I fear that those around me do so as well,
only because I take them there.

I hate that those I love the most
suffer because of me.
I wish that I could just disappear,
if it would mean they would be happy.


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