Mirrored Self

we all have to look hard into ourselves and see the ugly within

we all have to look hard into ourselves and see the ugly within

(October 2008)
I walk in the dark along a lonely forest path. I can feel the earth between my toes and the cold, damp air clinging to my flesh. The duty before me is one I do not enjoy. The moon is high and full providing light and casting a silver glow on the bare trees. The wood is full of Death and Life and they accompany me to task. All must do this at least once either in life or death, makes no difference when. Most cannot do it- some perish when they do. I arrive at my destination full of dread and my eyes fall upon the Pool of Essence. The water was still as mirrored glass and the surrounding area was quiet. No fish live here and no birds fly over... No living thing dared near this water hole for the fate of so many who venture here has been of terror and dread and insanity. I kneel at the water's edge, shaking with fear. I take in one more deep breathe of the frigid air, close my eyes and say a prayer for strength. I open my eyes, release that breathe and look down. The water is smooth and silvery, no hint of peril. Then suddenly a ripple forms, and grows larger as more ripples appear and move and dance. I see my physical reflection in the breaks... then more is revealed, so much more... ***************************************** Hours have passed and I emerge from the forest. I look around, eyes weary and swollen from tears. There is no one around, no one to walk by my side. The Pool of Essence does not lie about one's self. I let sink in what was revealed to me, though, I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. All I know is that I am not what I'd hoped. Is it too late to change - I don't know. But I must try...

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