(Poem I wrote my Senior year of High School – Class of 1995)

Eternity is a timeless vat

with no beginning and no end.

Be blessed or be damned,

it is the Realm of Immortality.

We all behold It on Mortal’s End,

for when we die time disappears,

and Judgment Day comes before

a Breathe of Eternal Dust can be breathed.

Your deeds which He knows

will determine the Star

~or the Abyss~

to which you will remain.

I am soon to reach Immortality~

in Stagnant Grace.

I love but am not loved~

therefore, my time has come.

I shall arrive to my Perpetual Post

on a most Heinous Path.

I walk hand-in-hand with Ages Past

to the Gate in which I shall persevere.

Life and Love come too late for me,
but my Loyal Friends I hope will feel
that my Heart is still with Them
for Their Souls to steal.


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