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Hold you up

Posted in Poetry of Life on April 20, 2009 by Blood Red

I give you all I have inside my soul
and still you ask for more.
If I had more, it would be yours
but I’m now left with an empty core.

I give and give and give
and now my precious blood runs dry
like the ever disappearing water
from a broken and destroyed dam.

The Tide seems to rise for us
but my little wooden boat
gains more holes than ground
and I struggle to keep us afloat.

I feel I live in Dark when I fail you
and I don’t know how or what to do
to keep lifting you up anew-
my strength anymore is little too few.

I’ve become your drug of choice
and you do not step without me;
you continue to drain me and my voice
and leave me with nothing for myself.

I yell, I scream and I cry-
to no avail and no relief.
I sit on my bed and sigh
and pray for strength and belief.

I pray that I continue to stand
and to continue to holdĀ  you high;
I just don’t know how to arise
to hold you up and not cry.


The Dead of Night

Posted in Poetry of Life on April 20, 2009 by Blood Red

Tonight I walk among the Lost
in the vast Wasteland of Insanity;
where there is the highest Cost
of surrendering your own Humanity!

I dwell in the Ruins of my own design,
forever to wander and roam alone.
There is a prize for me to find;
but never to be found by this wicked old crone!

My skin dries and cracks
-like the dry desert floor under my feet;
my eyes swell and the color fades
so that I am only a Statue of Deceit.

I await for the Rain of Life to fall upon me
and quench my Stagnant Grace;
not agnizing the Answer lies within
and that my Deliverance is my own embrace!

Therefore, I remain here in Oblivion,
not blind but with no sight-
and reach forever skyward to obtain
more than just the Dead of Night!

Why won’t you love me?

Posted in Poetry of Life on April 16, 2009 by Blood Red

I was willing to give you my all;
I was ready to risk all I have.
All you had to do was fall-
-fall into my arms and say yes.

You tread carefully behind your facade,
so carefully crafted over the years.
You are afraid to loose it all
and for that risk no tears.

But when you are afraid to cry
you also are afraid to live.
You don’t want to risk the dark sky
but you sacrifice true love’s kiss.

Maybe you will find that trust
and be happier when I’m gone;
but maybe, just maybe, one day…
…one day just maybe you will remember me.

Face the Tide

Posted in Poetry of Life on April 15, 2009 by Blood Red

You worry that I will leave,
you worry that I will not stay.
I tell you this simple truth-
I will be at your side every day!

Do not worry that I will give up;
I will not turn you aside.
I will keep you and hold you up
and forever help you face the tide!

This day saw a new blessing bestowed
and we felt God’s grace and warmth again.
As long as we are together as one,
we can survive any flood and flame.

I love you with all my heart
and to not have you would be like death…
…a death not worth dying at all.
I choose to continue to be your breathe!

Never again

Posted in Poetry of Life on April 13, 2009 by Blood Red

I know you are not here.
I know here I remain.
I am lost to you, I fear –
and nothing can ever change.

I walk this lonely path-
never to be missed.
I wish to once again laugh,
and receive your passionate kiss.

I dare not speak aloud your name;
only continue as though you don’t exist.
Life will never again be the same,
and my memory of you becomes a mist.

I can only hold to one hope
and it is this simple wish:
That you remember me kindly
and hold dear our one kiss…


Posted in Poetry of Life on April 10, 2009 by Blood Red

In this land far and wide,
we all soar on Eagles wings!
Whether by Chopper or car,
We all are Children of Freedom!

A Nightster as my ride,
the Stars as my Guide,
I dream of the wild Countryside
and you on the Bike, by my side!

From Coast to Coast,
Sun by Day and Fire by Night,
we drive the Highways
’til Dawn’s early Light!

Why do you hurt me so?

Posted in Poetry of Life on April 10, 2009 by Blood Red

When you look through me,
like a broken glass window,
I know that it isn’t me you see.
Why do you hurt me so?

I stand alone and wait
for you to talk to me,
but sadly I see my fate
is that you still ignore me.

I know the truth now
and it makes me quake.
You don’t need me now;
anything toward me is fake.

Why do you hurt me so?
All I want is you to be
a presence in my life.
You don’t need me –
-this I plainly see.